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Screened Cables (Armoured & Unarmoured)

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Screened Cables (Armoured & Unarmoured)

We make screened cables with annealed electrolytic Tinned copper and insulates the cables with high grade PVC compound in different colours. The cores are carefully layed. The layed cores are also wrapped with high quality polyester tape. The bunched cores are then covered with the uniform sheilding / braiding with the help of high speed computerised braiding machines . The shiedling is done normally with the annealed electrolytic Tinned Copper . The screened cores are finally sheathed with the FR/PVC.
Screened Cables (Armoured & Unarmoured)
Ourscreened multicore cables are suitable for internal wiring in multi storey complexes, residential buildings, offices, hotels etc. These cables are also recommended for DIGITAL SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENTS AND AUTOMATION PRODUCTS.


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