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ANGEL CABLE is one of the largest manufacturer of Variety of cables. ANGEL CABLE is trusted for wide variety of applications throughout the country and abroad. It manufacturers Flat Cables for Submersible Pump Motors etc. The construction design and quality of these cables are best suited for the intended application.

Our aim is to manufacture cables of highest quality and to provide customer satisfaction that is unequalled in the country. We are committed for the product quality, reliability, safety and excellent customer service.
Submersible Cable

Flat Cables for Submersible Pump Motor

ANGEL CABLE Flat Cables are manufactured for critical space requirement, Protection against indefinite immersion in water under specified conditions, protection against raining water and protection against ingress of small solid foreign bodies.

ANGEL CABLE Flat Cables are produced from best quality electrolytic copper drawn, on line annealed & bunched on automatic manufacturing machines. The conductors are insulated with a special grade of PVC and outer sheath consists of highly abrasion resistant PVC compound. These cables processed on sophisticated twin extrusion line meets and withstands the demanding needs of submersible pump motor power supply.

Description:-1100 V Grade annealed bare electrolytic high conductivity multi stranded copper conductor PVC insulated finish sheathed flat 3 core submersible cables as per
IS 694 : 1990 ISI marked.

Range : 10sqmm to 185sqmm

ConductorInsulationSheathConductor Resistance @ 20° C (Max.) Ohms/kmCurrent Carrying Capacity @40° C Amps
Area (Nom.) Sq. mmNo/dia. of strands mmThickness (Nom.) mmOverall dimensions
Core dia.(nom.) mmThickness (nom.) mm
1.5 22/0.300.8 3.2 1.10 12.10 14
2.5 36/0.300.9 3.85 1.107.41 19
4.0 56/0.301 4.501.154.95 26
6.0 84/0.301 5.001.15 3.30 31
10.0 140/0.301 5.901.40 1.91 42
16.0 224/0.301 6.951.40 1.21 57

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