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Microphone Cables

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Microphone Cables

The company has come up as a reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Microphone Cables in Delhi. The Microphone Cables, or the Mic Cables, are known for their quality, flexibility and durability. The Microphone Cables find extensive usage in the flow level connections of the microphones or musical instruments. The long flex life, ruggedness as well as interference immunity of the Microphone Cables is widely appreciated.
MicroPhone Cables
Details Of Microphone Cables

100 to 120 ohm shielded twisted pair cables recommended
Available ex-stock
Available in wide variety of colors and packages
Available off the shelf from distributors

View Technical Specification

No.of CoreItemNo. of Strands Cond. Size in mmArea(Sqmm)O.D (mm)Cr. At 20oCΩ/Km
Mic Cable
219/40 ABC190.
219/40 ATC190.
419/40 ABC190.
219/40 ABC--TP190.120.225.987.41
219/40 ATC--TP190.120.225.990.03
214/36 ATC140.
214/.2 ATC140.20.446.244.15
216/0.2 ATC160.20.56.840.1
224/0.2 ATC240.20.757.426.7
114/36 ATC140.190.45.547.73
140/40 ABC400.120.455.542.76
219/42 ABC190.10.155.9123.97
223/36 ABC 230.190.656.3529.05
Mic Cable
219/42 CCA190.10.156.1356.15
219/40(N) CCA190.120.226.1243.05
140/40 (CU/CCA)
140/40 (CCA/CCA)
219/40 (CCA/CCA)

Note : Products can be made as cutomer specification with length and quality.

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